Andrew Chalence

Cinematographer & Editor

Taco Film, Stories that last

The right story has the ability to transcend time and place. It can connect us to something bigger. It can bring us together. It can create memories that will last a lifetime. Bringing nearly a decade of experience of telling engaging stories through the power of film and photography, Taco Film was born out of a desire to help people and brands tell more effective stories and create lasting memories.

The essence of Taco Film is its individual style. If images really do tell stories, then they should be told boldly with a distinct visual style that stands out from the crowd. Aesthetics matter. That is why Taco Film brings an innovative visual approach to cinematography, video production, and photography. Because every story deserves to be told effectively.

It’s that daring spirit that led to work with clients from the entertainment industry as well as brands that are at the forefront of modern style. It’s also the same spirit behind the work Taco Film has provided to families who want to capture memories forever. It’s the power to transform ordinary video into endless possibilities that drives Taco Film to work with a wide range of clients, including Wework, Microsoft, Champion, IBM, Semrush, Lego and much more.

Taco Film is the natural extension of my own professional experience and personal passion Those passions have brought me to travels across the world and to some wonderful endeavors right here in NYC. But most importantly, they have allowed me to provide innovative storytelling and uncompromised service to an immense group of people, businesses, and brands. I believe in creating timeless visuals, and I’d love to help you capture your big ideas and moments.

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