• Andrew Chalence

Why does your brand need a video?

With intensive social media growth we are getting more and more involved with video marketing. Business owners ask themself "Do I really need to pay money to sustain my business". Well the answer is yes and in this blog I'll try to briefly explain why your business needs high quality video content and how you can benefit from it.

Let's start with the very beginning of what video marketing even means. I promise I'll keep it simple and entertaining because I understand we are always busy making money and rarely have time to read however eventually it is all about money.

Video marketing is a little part of digital marketing that is designed to increase engagement between company and customer. Nowadays there are dozens of tools and platforms but before jumping on it, you as a business owner or product maker needs to decide who is your audience and where are spending most of their time. Speaking of my experience I found instagram and YouTube the most useful for visual content creators but for you it could be a different platform such as LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, snapchat and so on.

To get the best out of your video strategy you need to consider several factors. Video marketing is an expensive tool and has to be done at the right time and with highly professional people. If you feel you can't afford service try to simplify ideas over go somewhere else for cheaper providers. It is important to understand in 2020 people have high expectations not only from products itself but from visual representation.

We all love to explain things and talk about our passionate project. However, keep in mind you create video for your audience not yourself and keep it short and sweet is key to success.

Length of video is matter, according to statistics people easily jump off watching after 7-10 seconds. According to facebook videos with length about 26 seconds getting most of the videos and Hubspot suggests keeping the video limit up to 30 seconds, so you might get frustrated because you have so much to say about your product and I'm here to reassure you that it's totally fine. The advantage of video that you have not only visual but audio representation as well, keep your story engagement with visual and voice over but narrate things that matter and give those things power through visual and music.

Don't get too serious about the video.

Time with 5-10 minutes talking heads overlay with boring computer shots are gone. People want to see stuff that drives emotion and personal experience. According to youtube statistics the most viewable videos are the one that make people laugh and it's understandable because we have many many problems in our lives and while I watch I want to be fully engaged and forget about overcrowded subway trains in the morning or lacking food in my refrigerator. Explain your product but don't hesitate to add funny odd situations and characters in it.

Think about SEO optimization of your video even before you made one.

You hired talented people who made amazingly engaging videos and you're absolutely sure it will make people laugh and buy your product but is it enough? Unfortunately not, you got a great video file but now time to deliver this file to the crowd. Optimize your video with proper description, keywords and title. First of all post post your video on the right platform as I mentioned it earlier youtube is one of the best home for your video, make sure you included subtitles for your video, according to our favorite youtube stats videos without captions have a chance to watch only 66% and 80% with captions, I'm not even talking about facebook where 85% of people watching videos without sound so you getting a point.

The button line is successfully created video not only spreads awareness of your product but it will bring engagement, sales and revenue for your business if you do it right at the first place. It sounds like a magic formula but it's been working for a few years and instead of investing money into expensive TV commercials consider social media first.

Hopefully this article will help you to understand why you need to invest money into video marketing in 2020 either you are a brand, product or an artist who needs an exposure. At the end we're all trying to sell something. Thanks for reading my article and I hope it was entertaining enough.

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